The Future is Net Zero

We drive high performance building solutions

As a global leader in the manufacturing of insulated metal panels for commercial building exteriors, Kingspan has logically, ethically and commercially compelling reasons to offer energy efficient products. But we offer more than just increased R-value – we have assessed the entire product lifecycle and want to tell you all about it in the most transparent way possible. Our first of its kind, ISO compliant, Environmental Product Declaration by UL Environment will do just that.

Net Zero is where it’s at

Net Zero Energy buildings, in the simplest terms, produce as much energy as they consume. Kingspan’s insulated metal panels for walls and roofs are a cost effective step to this high performance goal, offering a building envelope with functionality and design possibility.

The path to Net Zero is paved with achievable intentions

Kingspan’s long-term mission will see all our facilities achieve Net Zero energy consumption by 2020. As we continue to supply energy efficient products for net zero buildings in our community and beyond, we will remain transparent in our environmental reporting. And our focus on continuous improvement will never waver.