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While LEED® continues to be the dominate green rating system and we await the vote on LEEDv4, GreenGlobes is gaining consideration.  GSA completed its most recent evaluation of green building certification systems in March 2012. This evaluation includes certification systems for new construction, major renovations and existing buildings (ongoing operations). After almost a decade of requiring LEED certification for all federal building projects, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is suggesting in a new report that the Green Globes rating system aligns slightly better than LEED with federal requirements for new construction, while LEED remains the most compatible green building rating system for existing buildings.

October of last year I attended a Green Globes Professional (GGP) training session at the University of Florida. This two day instructor-led course was offered through TREEO, the University of Florida’s environmental and sustainability training center.

The class walked you through the GreenGlobes assessment process and was followed by the GGP test. This program is worthy to get a fundamental understand of the GreenGlobes processes.

Apart from the GPP class you will want to reference ANSI/GBI 01-2010: Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings The GBI (Green Building Initiative) became an ANSI-Accredited Standards Developing Organization (SDO) in 2005, breaking new ground for the industry by being the first green building organization to publish an ANSI-Accredited Standard for commercial green building.

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