Energy Efficiency

Reducing energy costs & shrinking impact

Today’s building management professionals and owners have embraced the notion of building envelope performance. Driving this are mandates for green buildings, a focus on energy efficiency and recognized ROI. A better building envelope offers healthier working environments, significant energy cost savings, reduced carbon footprint and contributes towards Net Zero Energy building targets. The superior thermal performance of Kingspan’s insulated metal panels enables building owners to meet these demands.

Get the White Paper compiled by AEC (Architectural Energy Corporation) that compares three buildings; school, office and warehouse, were simulated in four locations. Baseline buildings for each location, which are compliant with ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2004 and 90.1- 2007, were developed. Then the envelope was improved with the insulated metal panel wall and roof systems.

Typical energy conservation measures, which varied by building type, were then applied, and finally photovoltaic arrays were sized to achieve energy savings of 30%, 50%, 70% and 100% over the baseline buildings.

Full transparency on all products

Known as ‘manufacturing energy input’, the primary energy demand savings provided by Kingspan insulated metal panels panels outweigh the energy used to manufacture them by up to 93 times, calculated over a 25-year service life.

Calculate ROI before you build or even spec

load sim Energy EfficiencyOur EnvelopeFirst app lets users chose a location, building category and panel type with R-value and air-tightness before a specification is made or a shovel ever touches the ground. Architects and engineers can then get a sample ROI estimate showing Kingspan panels’ cost savings, along with a competitive comparison.