Environmental Reporting

Here are the facts

The Life Cycle Assessment – which calculates the environmental footprint of a product at each stage of the supply chain through to end of life – revealed that we are already getting a lot of things right. The majority of our impact comes from raw materials, and we’re working consciously with our suppliers to improve this.

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How can we be so sure?

Easy, thanks to our first-of-its-kind, ISO compliant, UL-certified environmental product declaration. The EPD communicates the results of our products’ lifecycle assessment (LCA), and includes information on raw material sourcing and transport to the plant, manufacturing processes, product transportation modes and materials, construction and installation onsite, the product’s use and maintenance, and recycling / disposing / repurposing at the end of its service life.

Why UL?

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After investigating various options, Kingspan engaged Underwriters Laboratory, known universally as UL. Our decision was based on its reputation and good standing in both commercial and consumer markets. UL has been impartially assessing products since 1894 for safety and viability. And we were impressed with its work in environmental evaluations – past, present and future.

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Transparency for all

While EPDs are still relatively new to the North American building industry, they’re important now more than ever. As we all work together toward NetZero buildings, real environmental metrics and increased transparency will become increasingly essential tools – expect nothing less.

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