How We Compare

Kingspan insulated metal panels deliver proven energy efficiency in a single-component system. Our EnvelopeFirst roof and wall systems offer architects and builders a high-performance green design strategy wrapped in a highly contemporary design aesthetic.

How we stack up

Kingspan compared its environmental footprint against alternative assemblies modeled from the Athena Eco-Calculator.*

Behind our products stands an industry leader that recognizes the serious challenges facing our global ecosystem. Kingspan has embarked on its most aggressive initiative toward reducing the environmental impact of our business operations, products and services, as well as helping our customers reduce their own impacts.

chart 1 How We Compare

*Source: The following comparisons are not ISO compliant “Comparative Assertions”. The Athena EcoCalculator was used to report the alternate assemblies while the Insulated Metal Panels data is from an ISO 14040 compliant LCA with 3rd party peer review. Kingspan stands behind the LCA data as reported in their Certified ISO 14025 EPD – Environmental Product Declaration.