Kingspan’s insulated metal panels contribute to the USGBC LEED program. Click here to download Kingspan’s LEED® statement for project submittals.


LEED Pilot Credit 43 – Certified Products
“Certified Products” has created a new incentive for product manufacturers to obtain third-party certification of their environmental claims, and to release environmental footprint data. The purpose is to communicate the difference between their levels of sophistication in regard to more comprehensive perspectives of sustainability.

In the certifications pathway single-attribute claims such as recycled content earn 50 cents on the dollar, while multi-attribute certifications are worth the full dollar, and those based on standards supported by LCAs and full EPDs get double value.

This credit is meant to engage balanced environmental consideration and evaluation of third-party certifications and labels for all building products, materials and assemblies and to reduce the confusion associated with them.

To read more, visit USGBC’s page on this credit.

LEED Credit SS 7.2- Heat Island Effect—Roof
Kingspan uses paints from Valspar® Cool Color Pallet. Thirty-two of Valspar’s colors meet LEED standards for steep slope roofs, while three colors meet low slope requirements.

LEED Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite 1, 2 and 3
Kingspan insulated panels contribute to all required energy efficiency prerequisites and minimum energy requirements as well as optimized energy efficiency. Our concept of Envelope First™ designs to optimize the energy efficiency of the building envelope and can effectively reduce the air infiltration rate of typical wall assemblies by 45%.

LEED Credit EA 1- Optimize Energy Performance
Kingspan insulated panels, in a given whole building design, and depending on climate zone, contribute to LEED EA points singularly. Combined with the ECM (Energy Conversation Measures), Kingspan Insulated Panels can exceed LEED’s 48% benchmark.

LEED Credit EA 2 Onsite Renewable Energy
To get to the NetZero Energy goal set for 2025, renewable energy will be required. Kingspan’s PV PowerPanel will meet this need.

LEED Credit MRc4.1 & 4.2-Recycled Content (1 or 2 Points)
Assembly Components: Weight (lbs / sq.ft.) % PC % PI Steel Facings 2.475 25% 15% Polyisocyanurate Core 0.525 0% 0% Totals: 3.00 25% 15% o Assembly Recycled Content = (Component Wt. x Recycled Content / Total Wt.) x 100 %) o Percentages are based on 1 sq.ft. of material at a weight of 3 lbs

LEED Credit IEQ 4.1- Low-Emitting Materials—Adhesives and Sealants 
Kingspan Insulated Panels uses Tremco JS-773 containing a VOC content of 151g/L. This satisfies credit IEQ Credit 4.1 as per the Architectural standard of 250g/L.

LEED Credit IEQ 4.2- Low-Emitting Materials—Paints and Coatings 
All metal is pre-coated before it is received to Kingspan Insulated Panels.

LEED Credit ID 1: Innovation in Design 
Using Kingspan’s Envelope First™ approach, buildings have the potential to go above and beyond the criteria set by LEED for energy efficiency. Envelope First strategies can also help contribute towards NetZero Energy buildings which will be required by 2025 per the U.S. Department of Energy.